Red Rock Brewing Co.’s Fröhlich Pils

Red Rock Brewing PilsnerRed Rock Brewing Co.’s new Fröhlich Pils is a traditional German Style Pilsner that will make you happy!

Unlike the big industrial lagers that are filled with flavorless starch substitutes, Red Rock’s Fröhlich Pils is brewed using only the finest Pilsner malts, German noble hops and lager yeast.

This beer is crisp, clean, and refreshing.  It has a lovely floral and hoppy nose; distinct hop bitterness and a lingering dry finish.  The light body and delicate carbonation of this Pilsner makes it very easy for anyone to enjoy.

If you know Red Rock’s head brewer, Kevin Templin, you know that he takes his German Pils very seriously.  “The recipe for a German Pilsner is very simple, but it’s not easy to make”, says Templin.  “There’s nowhere to hide a flaw in this beer.  You can’t mask it with alcohol and you can’t hide behind your hops…you have to nail it every time.”

The branding concept for Fröhlich Pils was inspired by the original ‘Liquor Prescriptions’ authorized by the U.S. Treasury Department during Prohibition.  At the time, licensed doctors had government-issued prescription forms controlled by the Bureau of Prohibition that they could issue to their patients for medicinal purposes.  Sound familiar?

Red Rock Brewing first trademarked the brand Prescription Pils, but the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) rejected the label application on the grounds that the name implied a health benefit to consumers.  As asinine as that sounds, Red Rock decided not to fight it and moved forward with the German phrase Fröhlich Pils which translates to Happy Pils…a double entendre for those who have a good handle on Utah culture.

Fröhlich Pils is available at all Red Rock Brewing pubs and the Red Rock Beer Store located at 443 North 400 West.

Bottle Size:  500mL

ALC/VOL: 5.5%

“Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do”

Red Rock Beer Store

Red Rock Beer Store

Now you can buy Red Rock’s high-point craft beer cold and fresh directly from our production brewery!

There are two big advantages to buying your beer direct:  First, it’s always fresh and cold.  Every Thursday we move the most recent beer batches into the cooler.  You cannot find a fresher selection of Red Rock beer on the planet.  Second, you can buy all special release brews that are typically sold  in our brewpubs at wholesale prices.

Fresh…Cold…Costs Less!

Red Rock’s Beer Store is open to the public every Tuesday – Friday from 11:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

Our production brewery is located in downtown Salt Lake City at 443 North 400 West.



‘Drioma’ A Russian Imperial Stout

DriomaLegend has it that Russian Emperor Peter the Great got hooked on this beer on a trip to England in the 1700’s.

It was really more of a Porter when he first tasted it in England.  But when they tried to ship it to St. Petersburg, it spoiled on the long journey.  They tried again with a higher alcohol level and added some more hops – the problem was solved.  The Czar was pleased.

This is a very deep and complex beer.  It’s dark brown in color and has enormous aroma and flavor. It has an abundant malt and hop character with a chocolate, coffee, toasty flavor.  It finishes dry with a little warmth at the end.

Red Rock Brewing’s Drioma Imperial Russian Stout is a taste adventure that will not disappoint.

10.1% ABV – 500ml bottle

Now available in most Utah DABC Stores.  If not, ask for it!

Watch us bottle the Elephino with our new labeling machine.

Our new bottle labeling machine is here. Up till now all our bottles were labeled by hand. Now look how fast we are. More Elephino for everyone!

What is a Firkin?

Red Rock will be making a special brew for Craft Beer Week and putting it in a Firkin till it’s ready to be tapped May 17th at Bar X in Salt Lake City.  “What is a firkin?,” you ask.  Click on THIS link and it will explain it all.

Interview with Andy Shaw from Snow Eagle Brewing

Andy Shaw is visiting Red Rock today to collaborate with Head Brewer Kevin Templin on a Munich-style helles.  Here is a little interview with Andy about his work in Idaho, his newest project building and running the brewery at Snow Eagle Brewing and Grill, and the details on this new seasonal, Honig Helles.

Rêve 2012 Release Party at Red Rock Junction

Red Rock Rêve is here again!  We held the celebration at Red Rock’s Park City location where chef Rochelle Dailey treated us with the most delicious pork appetizer, melon balls wrapped in Prosciutto and cheese cake topped with a bit of orange.  The complex, rich flavors of the Rêve paired well with every dish.

This seasonal ale is a Belgian style trippel, barrel-aged in medium toast French oak for the duration of a year. It is inoculated with Brettanomyces and bottle conditioned. Rêve is comprised of a combination of Pilsner malts and Pale malt. Belgian candy sugar is a key component giving the Trippel a sweet yet dry finish. This unfiltered brew is golden in color and 10.3% alcohol by volume.

Christmas on Halloween Griswald Release Party 2012

Griswald’s Holiday Ale is here!  We gathered at our Fashion Place location to celebrate with Griswald infused appetizers by head chef Joel Smith, T-shirt trivia give aways, Chevy Chase on the big screen and Griswald samples for everyone.

Head brewer Kevin Templin shared the details of brewing this delicious blend of cinnamon, coriander, ginger, orange peel and cloves.  This flavor filled, super-smooth seasonal brew will warm up your long winter nights.

Secale 2012 Release Party

What do you get when you take the savory flavors left in the Whiskey Rye barrels of Utah’s own High West Destillery and lager Double Bock beer in it for sixth months?  The Secale is the brain child of Red Rock head brewer Kevin Templin, and former Red Rock brewer and current High West lead distiller Brendan Coyle.

An annual celebration occurs when this distinctly Utahn beverage is finally bottled and released to the public each year.  The 2012 edition has a hint more of High West Rye flavor in it.  Get them while they last.  If you can control yourself, it is rumored aging a bottle of Secale for a year really brings out the flavor.

Great American Beer Festival 2012

We at Red Rock are very proud to announce our 2012 bronze, silver and gold medal wins at the Great American Beer Festival.

Our Nut Brown Ale did it again, taking bronze in the American-Style Brown Ale category, just a month after our release of the Bobcat Nutbrown Ale, a high point bottled version of our award winning nutbrown. This American brown ale is brewed with Cascade and Columbus hops, giving it a distinctive aroma and flavor.  Chocolate and Crystal malts lend a soft but pronounced body to this world class ale.  You can find the Bobcat at Red Rock’s three brewpub locations and across Utah starting in November.

The Red Rock Organic Zwickelbier took silver in the Kellerbier/Zwickelbier category.  A rather old, rare and unique German beer style, Kellerbiers are unfiltered and unpasteurized lagers that date back to at least the Middle Ages.  The beer is lagered.  The final product is a smooth, naturally cloudy beer that’s rich in vitamins (from the yeast).  It is made with organic malt from Wyermann Malting Company, and organic, whole-leaf Hallertau hops, resulting in a hop bitterness that compliments the soft malt character.

The delicious spring seasonal Paardebloem blew away the competition taking gold in experimental beers.  Created in conjunction with Chris McCombs and New Belgium Brewing Company, Paardebloem is made with hand-toasted Pilsner malt, grains of paradise, and fresh picked dandelion greens.  Paardebloem (Flemish for dandelion) has a hazy, deep golden color, a soft-toasted malt character and is 100% bottle conditioned. The grain bill was designed to produce a malty, light bodied beer, emphasizing the flavors of the spices and esters of the Belgian yeast strain.  Look for the Paardebloem with the next spring dandelion harvest where beers are sold near you.