Have you met Marvella?

The alluring scent and elegant flavors of our Belgian Tripel feel like a loving caress of the senses. Like a first kiss, soft and lingering, each sip draws you in until you fall head over heels. If you’ve yet to unravel the mystery of Marvella, welcome to her secret garden where you’ll experience the beauty of a beer made to draw you in and hold you captive. This is a dream you may never want to wake from!

As we ponder the gift before us, let us demonstrate a proper reverence for the monasteries that selflessly gave us abbey ales like the Belgian tripel. Monks grew their own barley and hops, drank their own beer, and sold it to maintain life at the monastery. They made double-strength (dubbel) and eventually triple-strength (tripel) beers, the latter popularized by the Westmalle abbey near Antwerp. The golden tripel is traditionally of the strong, hoppy variety this region is known for, and they have become one of Belgium’s best-selling beer styles.

Marvella is a glowing tribute to the monastic Belgian styles American craft beer enthusiasts have come to love. She’s a beautiful creation best enjoyed thoughtfully and without haste. Each sip brings a sense of wonder, like the very first time. A confection of banana, bubblegum, and cotton candy give way to an earthy potpourri of dried flowers, herbal hop bitterness, and a hint of warm cinnamon spice. The 11% ABV is well-hidden in a light, bubbly body, and the delicate fruit salad of Belgian yeast.