Fröhlich Pils

Red Rock Fröhlich Pils

Frohlich PilsnerFröhlich Pils (Happy Pils) is brewed in the tradition of the classic German Pilsners. It features a dry, clean, crisp body with a notable hop bitterness. Only the finest ingredients are used to brew this refreshing beer.

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look: 4/5 | smell: 8/10 | taste: 9/10 | feel: 3/5 | overall: 16 out of 20 Appearance: Pours a clear golden yellow with a thick white head. Smell: Aroma is bready, grains and citrus. Taste: The taste is biscuit, grain, grass, lemon peel and bitterness. Mouthfeel: Finishes crisp and dry, making it very easy to drink. Overall: Red Rock nailed this one.  This is a spot on German pilsner. See who else is drinking Fröhlich Pils at Untapped Untapped Frohlich Pilsner