Grand Bavaria


Red Rock Brewery, Salt Lake City, Utah

Beer Description

Germans Style Weissbier

Weissbier means “white beer” in German. The term was first used to refer to any light colored beer, but now predominantly refers to beer made with wheat.

Weissbier is traditionally not served with a lemon, as it takes away from the beer’s original character, and impedes head retention. One of the few German ales, weissbier exhibits a strong banana and clove character created by the yeast.

When served “mit hefe” (with yeast), the yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle is roused by gently rolling the bottle, giving the beer more body and yeast flavor.

Taste & Smell

Aroma: Clove, Banana, Bread Dough, Lemon Zest

Flavor: Creamy Wheat, Citrus, Baking Spices, Doughy

Body: Medium

Carbonation: Moderately High

Food Pairing

Spicey dishes, burgers, fruity desserts