Utah Beer | Golden Halo Blonde Ale

Utah Beer - Golden Halo


Red Rock Brewery, Salt Lake City, Utah

Beer Description

Blonde ales are considered a "gateway" to craft beer. They have more flavor than American lagers and less bitterness than American pale ales.

American blonde ales are an ideal choice for those looking to get into craft beer, but aren’t ready for bold flavors.

Blonde ales have an approachable malt sweetness; mild hop biterness and a clean fermentation character that makes for an excellent anytime beer.

Taste & Smell

Aroma: Grassy Noble Hops, Bready Malt,Gentle Fruit

Flavor: Honey, Bread Crust, Hay, Lemon

Body: Light

Carbonation: Moderate

Food Pairing

Lightly fried food, fruity salads, bready desserts.