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If you've found this page, it’s because you are part of a historical moment in craft beer.  You are experiencing Utah's beloved Elephino IIPA in a can.

To reward your curiosity and ninja-like tech skills using a QR Code, you'll be given an honor befitting a True Elephino Fan.

But first, let’s reminisce...

The Evolution of Elephino

In 2008, when Utah legislature changed its beer laws to allow breweries to sell strong beer directly to the public, it was a game changer for the Utah Craft Beer scene.

Creativity among Utah’s breweries exploded, and Red Rock Brewery was riding the wave. Then head brewer, Kevin Templin harnessed his gift and passion for making unique and inspiring beers.

It wasn’t until 2010, when Red Rock Brewery opened a production brewery in downtown Salt Lake City, equipped with a new bottling line, that Red Rock really moved things into high-gear. They released a new Double IPA called Elephant (later renamed Elephino).

Why the name change?

Someone overlooked the fact that Carlsberg Brewery had a beer by the same name. Duh.

First Run Elephino

Long Live Elephino

The IPA craze was in full force and the craft beer community seemed to have an insatiable appetite for hyper-hopped beers.  So-called industry experts were appalled by all the attention IPA’s were getting and deemed the IPA trend to be a 'fad' that would soon pass.

Boy, were they wrong.

It was clear that Elephino wasn’t your run-of-the-mill IPA.  There was something special about it.

Yes, it was big on hops, but it delivered its bitterness in a very unique way.

While some breweries were throwing bags of hops at mediocre beers, knowing very well that it would hide their imperfections, people began to notice that Elephino was well-crafted and a more nuanced brew.

There is something about this beer…

One beer critic said “Elephino is an unusual beer that does not cut corners like some young brewers are tempted to do.  It’s incredibly well balanced for a Double IPA.”

Some big IPA’s punch you in the face with bitterness and don’t relent.  Elephino is different.  It delivers a pleasant sensory experience in waves.  It’s gentle on the palate, until it’s not.

In 2014, when Elephino first topped the charts of the Utah Beer Challenge, the infamous Mikey Riedel of the Utah Beer Blog described it this way:

“Just in case you've been living under a rock, Elephino has a nice sharp aroma of citrus hops with a sweet blend of pine, mango, orange, and fresh cut grass. The tastes follow with mango, pineapple, grass, and orange flavors with touch of biscuity malt. Very little, boozy bite along with a long sweet but dry citrus finish.”

A Firm Place in Utah's Beer History

Just as Sonoma County’s Pliney the Elder has been immortalized into the history books of Double IPA’s, Elephino will forever be endeared by Utah craft beer drinkers.

Everyone seems to have an Elephino story; a moment in time when this beer served as a back-drop to a special experience or great conversation.

Long-time Elephino friends Chris & Sylvia Hollands may have said it best in a review for Slug Magazine:  “Red Rock’s Elephīno is near and dear to our hearts because it was a big Utah beer we fell for during our craft conception.  Ultimately… it’s a about having a beer, sparking conversation, and enjoying each other’s company.”

Cheers to that!

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