Here’s to New Beginnings

Our brewing legacy is in good hands as we welcome aboard two very talented craft beer veterans who will chart the course of a new and exciting journey at Red Rock Brewery.

We are pleased to announce that Chris McCombs will be returning to Red Rock Brewery to serve as our new COO and Brewery Engineer and he will be joined by Kevin Davis who will step in as our new Head Brewmaster.

Chris McCombs

Prior to joining Red Rock, McCombs worked as a plant engineer for New Belgium Brewing from 2000 to 2017, working on projects ranging from the Cellar 2 expansion to New Belgium’s first Pilot Brewery. Previous gigs also included brewing at Kettlehouse Brewing Co. in Missoula, MT and Red Rock Brewing Co.

Chris has collaborated on several award-winning brews over the years (including Red Rock’s Gold Medal winning Paardebloem), and he has served as a judge at the Great American Beer Festival and speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference.
Chris looks forward to, among other things, leading the design and build of Red Rock’s new destination brewery, slated to be built in downtown Salt Lake City in late 2019.

Kevin Davis

As we wish a fond farewell to Brewmaster Kevin Templin, we would like to give a hearty Red Rock welcome our new Brewmaster Kevin Davis!

Kevin Davis comes to us with over 20 years of commercial craft brewing experience, including over 10 years at the legendary Brewery Ommegang, Keegan Ales and most recently New Belgium Brewing Company.

Kevin also taught for six semesters at Colorado State University’s school of Fermentation Science, where he helped shape the careers of numerous future craft brewers.

When Kevin is not skiing tasty powder turns in Colorado and Utah, he is bike touring to a multitude of craft breweries and hiking with his dog.

Meet Erika Palmer


Smell it.  Give it a swirl.  Give it a quick sniff. Taste it.  Swallow.  Now breathe.

This is Erika’s advice as she’s teaching someone how to discern the characteristics of one of Red Rocks delicious new beers.  She wants them to “really” taste it, and enjoy it.

Meet Erika Palmer, Beer Sales Manager for Red Rock Brewing.  Erika is a native of Salt Lake City, but has taken several detours to the likes of San Diego, New York City, LA and Seattle.  Eventually, her love for the Wasatch Mountains brought her back home.

Erika is a long-time Red Rock employee who originally started tending bar at Red Rock’s Downtown brewpub in 1994.  She has since worked at Uinta Brewing and the Bayou.  Erika returned to Red Rock to manage our growing beer sales outside of the company owned brewpubs.

Want to add Red Rock’s award winning beers to your menu?  Erika can make it happen.