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Utah’s Draft Beer Law 4% ABV


Despite the chorus of complaints heard throughout Utah regarding our heavy handed liquor laws, there is a silver lining.

Our own Crafty Beer Girl, Lauren Lerch says ” you’d be hard pressed to find such a concentration of high quality session beer anywhere else in the United States, and that’s something to be savored.”

You can read the rest of her rant here:  Crafty Beer Girls Blog

Cigar & Beer Pairings

So…pairing cigars and beer is a thing?  Check out this collaboration between our own Crafty Beer Girl, Lauren Lerch and Jonathan Detore, of Cigar Advisor magazine.

Cigar & Beer Pairings-West Coast Style.




Craft Beer Girls Spread the Love of Craft Beer


Utah’s thriving craft beer scene is taking all kinds of twists and turns.

In this article, Gavin Sheehan of Salt Lake City Weekly sits down with ‘Crafty Beer Girls’ Jenni and Lauren to discuss their love for drinking beer and blogging about it.

The Crafty Beer Girls blog is supported by Red Rock Brewery to help expand awareness of craft beer, support craft brewers, and breakdown gender stereotypes created by the Big Beer marketing machine.

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