At Red Rock Brewery, we make it our mission to craft original and unique new beers.

We look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, which has led to such creative brews as our award winning Red Rock Rêve, the barrel aged Belgian-style tripple ale; the dandelion-based Paardebloem; and Secale, a Bavarian-style doppelbock lager created with High West Distillery and aged in their rye whiskey barrels for six months.

Learn more about our award winning beers below:

Draft Classics

Red Rock’s Draft Classic beers fall into what’s called a ‘Session’ category.  A typical session beer contains less  than 5% ABV; is well balanced  and very drinkable.   By law, draft beer sold in Utah’s restaurants cannot exceed 4% ABV.  Stronger beers are available, but are sold in bottles only.
– See our Draft Classics Here –

Fine Line

Free from the dogma of alcohol restrictions, our Fine Line beers are bigger and bolder than our Draft Classics.  Red Rock’s Fine Line beers are brewed with passion and patience.  They’re packaged in a European style 500ml bottle and distributed through Utah’s liquor stores and direct to quality craft beer purveyors in the USA.
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Artist Palette

Red Rock’s Artist Palette is our way of expressing variety & creativity in beer making.  It’s an opportunity for our brewers to hone their craft and expand the possibilities of what beer can be.  It’s our ongoing pursuit of unique combinations; traditions;  science; and ingredients.  You just never know when a well intentioned experiment might lead to something wonderful!
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