‘Drioma’ A Russian Imperial Stout

DriomaLegend has it that Russian Emperor Peter the Great got hooked on this beer on a trip to England in the 1700’s.

It was really more of a Porter when he first tasted it in England.  But when they tried to ship it to St. Petersburg, it spoiled on the long journey.  They tried again with a higher alcohol level and added some more hops – the problem was solved.  The Czar was pleased.

This is a very deep and complex beer.  It’s dark brown in color and has enormous aroma and flavor. It has an abundant malt and hop character with a chocolate, coffee, toasty flavor.  It finishes dry with a little warmth at the end.

Red Rock Brewing’s Drioma Imperial Russian Stout is a taste adventure that will not disappoint.

10.1% ABV – 500ml bottle

Now available in most Utah DABC Stores.  If not, ask for it!