Rêve 2012 Release Party at Red Rock Junction

Red Rock Rêve is here again!  We held the celebration at Red Rock’s Park City location where chef Rochelle Dailey treated us with the most delicious pork appetizer, melon balls wrapped in Prosciutto and cheese cake topped with a bit of orange.  The complex, rich flavors of the Rêve paired well with every dish.

This seasonal ale is a Belgian style trippel, barrel-aged in medium toast French oak for the duration of a year. It is inoculated with Brettanomyces and bottle conditioned. Rêve is comprised of a combination of Pilsner malts and Pale malt. Belgian candy sugar is a key component giving the Trippel a sweet yet dry finish. This unfiltered brew is golden in color and 10.3% alcohol by volume.