Red Rock’s Imperial Red Ale Has Earned It’s Spot on the Table

Imperial Red Ale

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Red Rock’s Imperial Red Ale is now working its way into the UDABC stores on a limited basis.

Originally brewed to commemorate our 20-Year Anniversary, the IRA quickly became one of our top-selling beers at Red Rock Brewing. In fact, within our own beer emporium, it ranks second to the beloved Elephino IIPA.

This beer has a very complex malt profile, coupled with a bold hop bitterness that’s in world of its own. Stylistically, there’s not even a “category” for this beer within the conventions of beer traditionalists. To them, it’s a stronger-than-normal Red Ale.

Take one sip and you’ll quickly realize, it’s so much more than that. You become lost in a mental vortex of flavors that surround the toasted malts and resinous hops.

If ever a beer deserved a spot at the dinner table, this is it! 9.5% ABV.

Available at all Red Rock Brewpubs; a limited number of DABC Stores and the Red Rock Beer Store located at 443 N 400 W, Salt Lake City UT.