Red Rock Rewards Card

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How to Use Your Rewards Card

•   You can activate your rewards card at any Red Rock location with your first purchase. •   One point is earned for each dollar spent on non-alcoholic drinks, food, growler glass, retail, hand-made  Red Rock sodas and kegs of Red Rock soda. •   Points are rewarded for pre-tax totals and are rounded to the nearest dollar. •   You can earn double points on weekdays between the hours of 3pm-5pm. •   You get 50 bonus points when you register your card online. •   Registered card holders receive triple points when they choose to eat at Red Rock on their birthday. •   It will state on your receipt when you have accrued 250 points/$25 credit.  This credit can be used on  your next visit. •   Servers are not aware when a rewards card has credit.  You must request that saved credit be used when paying your bill. •   Points are updated on the following day.