Red Rock Gineva – Belgian Style Ale


If you’ve ever tried Red Rock’s OriGin beer on draft (Winner 2016 – Silver Medal NABA), you’ll have a good idea of what the new Gineva is all about. Gineva is a little bigger in alcohol (5.5% ABV) and flavor, yet true to its OriGin.

Gineva is a Belgian style ale spiced with kaffir lime leaves and juniper berries.

Juniper berries can be tart, with a resinous, piney flavor that also hints of citrus. If you’ve had a taste of Gin before, you’ll recognize the distinct taste of juniper.

Kaffir lime leaves are widely used in Tai and Vietnamese cuisine to add a fresh lime fragrance and flavors to their dishes, without all the juice.

Together, these flavors meld into a refreshing summer beer that is deeply rooted in history and pays tribute to the crossroads of “Beer Street and Gin Lane”.

Gineva will be available at all Red Rock brewpubs (Downtown, Fashion Place, Park City) and the Red Rock Beer Store beginning Friday, July 15th.

The Red Rock Beer Store is located at 443 N 400 W. Open Mon-Friday from 11-7pm and Saturday 11-5pm.