Furlong – A Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout

Furlong Imperial StoutSALT LAKE CITY, UT – **Sold Out-2015**

We are pleased to introduce ‘Furlong’, the latest incarnation from Red Rock Brewer, Kevin Templin.

Furlong is a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout brewed with roasted barley to impart distinct notes of coffee and dark chocolate.

The rules dictate that a bourbon maker can only use a barrel once.  Spent barrels then travel around the world to be filled with the likes of whiskey, sherry, and more often than not – beer.

Bourbon barrels are full of intense flavors that are the perfect complement for the roasted dark flavors of an imperial stout. The bottom-line is, they add a distinct character that stainless steel simply cannot.

The word is out – Furlong is a big hit among craft beer connoisseurs! This beer is now available at all three Red Rock Brewpub locations in Salt Lake City, Fashion Place, and Park City Junction.

This is a very limited release and will sell-out quickly. 10.2% ABV.