Brew Crew

Kevin Templin, Head Brewer

An avid home brewer before joining Red Rock about a decade ago, Kevin is passionate about his beer. Many of the awards Red Rock has won are due to his hard work and dedication to his craft. Kevin is married with two children, son Porter and daughter Haile. When not brewing, he enjoys golf, fishing and skiing. Kevin’s motto is simple… ”If you’re doing something that you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Chris Harlin

A man of many interests, Chris enjoys biking, spending time with his wife and dogs in the outdoors, all kinds of music and the arts. Chris painted the original artwork for our Elephino Double IPA label. Known for his wit and just a touch of sarcasm, Chris helps keep things light around the brewhouse.

Andrew Rinaldo

Jaron Anderson

Jaron worked his way up through Red Rock, starting as a busboy nearly a decade ago.  He now enjoys bottling and labeling beers in Brewhouse 2.  A multi-instrumentalist and kung fu expert, Jaron is enjoying married life, and will welcome a little girl to the Anderson clan soon.

Janae Hadley

Janae graduated with a degree in biology and earth science.  In her free time she enjoys mountainbiking, rockclimbing and playing in the outdoors.  She also enjoys hiking with her poodles, yoga, traveling around the world and relaxing at home with a book.