CoHOPeration 2015

CoHOPerationWhat’s it called when you get Pelican Brewing Co.’s Darron Welch and Red Rock Brewing Co.’s Kevin Templin working together on a new beer idea? CoHOPeration.

CoHOPeration is a hop-forward (dare we say IPA like) Lager, with a clean and crisp flavor profile that comes from a lengthy lager fermentation and cold-conditioning process.

Floral and spicy flavors from Sterling and Saaz hops are matched with a rye spiciness that adds depth and complexity to the flavor. It’s a unique hybridization of traditional beer styles that when combined, creates something unique and delicious.

Best of all, this beer represents a “core value” of the Craft Beer movement: working together, sharing knowledge, and having fun making great beer!

CoHOPeration will be available at all Red Rock Brewpubs and the Red Rock Beer Store beginning Thursday June 4th.