14 Days, 14 Breweries – Part 2

Road Trip P2

CRAFTY BEER GIRLS – Back for more, eh? If you missed part one, you can read it here. Been there, done that, and ready for part two? Then grab a beer and let’s get to it!

Dark Horse is one of those small town breweries turned hot spot thanks to the History Channel documentary Dark Horse Nation. I hadn’t know about the show until a local a few bar stools down told me about it. He also gave me a personal history lesson on the brewery, noting the doors used as tables and the expansion in the back. It seems he was there through it all. He also told me I arrived at the best time, about 2pm, in between the lunch and dinner rushes when all the tourists flood in. I found it kind of funny he freely shared his wealth of knowledge with the very type of person he was trying to avoid. He was such a nice guy.

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